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Leandro Stefanazzi

Leandro Stefanazzi is a Senior Engineer at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. He's working on different projects involving applied Digital Signal Processing over RFSoC FPGA platforms.

He has experience in DSP theory and implementation and is currently working intensively on designing readout and control firmware for Quantum Computing platforms and superconducting detectors, which require frequency-multiplexing at their core.

Real Life Applications of Polyphase Filter Banks

Status: Available Now

This talk will present and revisit very briefly the concepts of Polyphase Filter Banks. The idea is to show applications with real-life and actual implementations over RFSoC devices. In this talk I want to show you what are the details to keep in mind when going from Matlab to FPGA: arthitectural decisions, clocking schemes, fixed-point issues, etc. I will make available the Vivado project together with all the source files for different RFSoC platforms.

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