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Dheeraj Sharma

Dheeraj Sharma is an Electronics Engineer with 18 years of experience in design and implementation of Physical Layer/DSP Algorithms for various wireless technologies (2.5G, GMR-3G, DVB-RCS2, 4G and 5G). He has exposure to interpret and gather requirements from specifications and ability to write/use MATLAB/C Reference for the Research/Investigation/Modelling of Algorithms and write complex C/C++/Assembly programs. He has strong understanding of Digital Signal Processing architectures and Real Time operating systems. He has hands-on experience in programming latest SIMD/VLIW processors from CEVA, TENSILICA and NXP. He has also worked on Xilinx FPGA.

Deep Learning, Wireless Communications, and Signal Processing: Bridging the Gap

Status: Available Now

The talk explores the role of Deep Learning in enhancing wireless communications, specifically how it helps optimize signal processing, increase efficiency, and address challenges like signal interference and latency. Through real-world examples and forward-looking perspectives, the talk illustrates how the synergistic integration of these technologies is forging the path for the future of communication.

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