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Introduction to Radio Frequency measurements for Cellular and Wireless Communication Systems

Ramakrishna Yellapantula - Watch Now - Duration: 01:08:33

While the modulation and demodulation techniques described in the text books is perfect, in reality they are far from perfect. Due to the tolerance of different components used in manufacturing of Radio Frequency (RF) chipsets, we notice different impairments in the transmitted and received RF signals. In this presentation, we will introduce and discuss the RF measurements for Cellular and Wireless Communication Systems

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Thanks for your talk!

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Are there any characteristics we can rely upon to differentiate between carrier leakage vs baseband DC offset ?

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This talk will be given live on Zoom. Check on the left, under Zoom Meeting Information, to see the link and password (you need to be logged in)

12:22:47	 From  Timothy Young : Great presentation thanks!
12:27:18	 From  Michael Kirkhart : SSB is heavily used by us amateur radio operators.
12:27:55	 From  Michael Kirkhart : Yes, I do
12:28:04	 From  Michael Kirkhart : My callsign is KD8QBA
12:28:28	 From  RK Y : Thanks!
12:28:33	 From  Timothy Young : How do I get slides?
12:29:01	 From  Timothy Young : Thanks!
12:29:32	 From  mbkitine : During the validation process, how could you tell if the source of EVM errors is not coming from the testing device?
12:30:35	 From  Leo : How can we reach you RK? Email? LinkedIn?
12:31:06	 From  Amro Mughari : yes we need your email
12:32:10	 From  Arthur Lobo :  Was that test fixture you mentioned a Faraday Cage?
12:32:35	 From  mbkitine : Yes. Thanks.
12:35:26	 From  Arthur Lobo : Thanks
12:36:00	 From  christophe Blouet : thanks, it was very clear
12:36:05	 From  Leo : Thank you very much RK
12:36:10	 From  Leo : Very interesting talk
12:37:04	 From  Naveen Manikandan Periasamy : Does the test equipment help characterize signal degradation due to antenna impairments like mutual coupling in mmWave domain?
12:40:05	 From  Naveen Manikandan Periasamy : Thank you