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Live Q&A Discussion - Signal processing in Vibration analysis

Christophe Blouet- Watch Now - Duration: 18:19

Live Q&A Discussion with Christophe Blouet following his talk 'Signal processing in Vibration analysis'
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No comments or questions yet. Will you be the one who will break the ice?

14:10:24	 From  Radu : Do you know any interesting higher-order statistical signal processing other than "Higher-Order Spectra Analysis" by Nikias?
14:12:12	 From  Brewster LaMacchia : Thank you for the great presentation. I know I'll have a bunch of questions once my brain recovers in a few days from the fire-hose of information. 
14:13:09	 From  Shada Sharif : First time hearing about Spectral Kurtosis, I am wondering how non-stationary signals are differentiated from other signals or noise?
14:23:24	 From  Danilo : thanks everybody