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Quick Start on Control Loops with Python

Dan Boschen - Available in 1 day, 3 hours and 51 minutes (2023-09-28 11:00 EDT)

Quick Start on Control Loops with Python
Dan Boschen

Control loops are ubiquitous in various applications where we wish to maintain or stabilize process variables to a desired set point or value. The speaker, Dan Boschen, brings a wealth of experience in the mixed signal (digital or analog) practical control loop design of microwave synthesizers, modems and radio transceivers, and, most recently, atomic clocks.

In this live workshop, Dan will first provide an overview of control loop theory sufficient for the implementation of a Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL). Topics covered will include:

  • Transfer Functions
  • Loop Order and Tracking
  • Stability
  • Bode and Nyquist Plots
  • Noise Transfer Functions

PLL implementations in both the analog and all-digital domain will be detailed for practical implementation. The modeling and simulation of control loops will be demonstrated with use of the free Python programming language.

This is a great opportunity for anyone wishing to get a quick jump start on practical control loop implementations in the both the digital and analog domains, and to see what Python can offer for use in the simulation and modeling of control loops. 

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