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Prototyping DSP algorithms on real-world signals using MATLAB

Gabriele Bunkheila- Watch Now - Duration: 01:05:28

DSP engineers across Industry and Academia have long been familiar with writing MATLAB code for early algorithm exploration and signal analysis. In many situations, signal processing algorithms also need validation using real-world signals, which in turn often drives the need for real-time implementations.

In this talk, we discuss practical coding advice for creating real-time DSP prototypes directly using MATLAB programs.  The goal is to process real-world signals, such as signals streaming from audio devices or software-defined radios, but remove the complexity of hardware and real-time programming. Throughout the session, we use practical code examples, including digital filtering and other common signal processing tasks. Some programming experience will be beneficial, but it is not required. 

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Thank you for the excellent presentation and the examples; a real time saver.

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Great talk and love the examples, very practical. Also thank you for providing the code.

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You can download the MATLAB code used using the URL and credentials below (note that the files will be automatically deleted after 30 days):
Username: customer
Password: MathWorks
Thanks, Gabriele.

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Basically it was just about implementation details.
Not so interesting for me.