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(Recording) Live Q&A Discussion - Pragmatic Methods to Decide Filter Requirements

Chris Bore - Watch Now - Duration: 26:09

This is the live Q&A session for the talk given by Chris Bore and titled 'Pragmatic Methods to Decide Filter Requirements'
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No comments or questions yet. Will you be the one who will break the ice?

09:23:15	 From  Stephane Boucher : This live Q&A will get started at 8:30 ET
09:23:25	 From  Stephane Boucher : Get your questions ready!
09:31:06	 From  Lungsi : Thank you very much Chris for the excellent talk. I learned quite a lot.
09:31:37	 From  AllenK : I have been only on the SW side of DSP without much formal DSP education, so this was really good for me, thanks.
09:34:25	 From  Michael Kirkhart : Yes, I see the "Raise Hand" now.
09:42:09	 From  Leonard : I will normally use a IIR filter in a PLL applications
09:43:08	 From  sonkar : Have used IIR in Sub GhZ Radio Baseband
09:46:57	 From  Michael Kirkhart : http://www.mds.com/products/software/qedesign/
09:51:23	 From  Michael Kirkhart : LOL!
09:55:57	 From  mnapier : And in AGC loops where you are linear in dB.  I found these to be very sensitive to bit width.  Have to simulate with realistic delays in the loop.
09:56:39	 From  mnapier : They are the "leaky integrator" type.
09:57:18	 From  Dan Boschen : My experience with Loop filters are that they require in most cases a pure integrator (or more for higher "Type" loops which you can't get with an FIR--- but those filters as "IIR" are also quite simple in terms of low order compared to what would be in an traditional "filter". If there was additional noise filtering, this would be far outside the loop BW and done with FIR typically.
09:58:39	 From  Matt Liberty : Thanks for the great discussion on the practical use of IIR and FIR filters!
09:58:55	 From  Dan Boschen : Thanks for the great talk Chris
10:00:17	 From  christophe Blouet : thanks