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Live Q&A with Damon Bradley - Development of a Multirate, MultiChannel WOLA Spectrometer for Lunar Plasma Wave Investigation

Damon Bradley- Watch Now - Duration: 31:07

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No comments or questions yet. Will you be the one who will break the ice?

18:14:08	 From  Michael Kirkhart : This is how the P-POD deployers for CubeSats work.
18:16:18	 From  Michael Kirkhart : My callsign is KD8QBA
18:16:30	 From  Jacob Beningo : KD8FAX
18:16:43	 From  Jacob Beningo : Haha lots of hams
18:18:48	 From  John Phillips : What other planetary objects do you expect to be applying this investigation system ?
18:22:13	 From  John Phillips : Cool.
18:23:07	 From  rakhel : I have to drop off, Thanks for your talk and all the very best with your new endeavors!
18:33:39	 From  John Phillips : Bon chance Dr Bradley.Tres bien, merci beaucoup Stephane. Au revoir !
18:33:45	 From  Timothy Young : The best to you in the future!
18:33:54	 From  Michael Kirkhart : Great talk, and well wishes with your new business!