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Introduction to Warped FIR Filters

Hilmar Lehnert - Available in 21 hours and 2 minutes (2023-09-28 06:00 EDT) - Duration: 23:39

Introduction to Warped FIR Filters
Hilmar Lehnert

Warped FIR (WFIR) filters are a hybrid between FIR and IIR filters combining some of the advantages of both. Design methods are similar to FIR filters including arbitrary magnitude and phase response but in contrast to FIR filters, they offer good resolution at low frequencies at very low orders and they can be implemented efficiently. They are a particularly good fit for loudspeaker arrays as deployed in soundbars and Atmos speakers.

The talk will cover:

  1. mathematical fundamentals, 
  2. design process, 
  3. a few examples, 
  4. common real-world issues, 
  5. discussion pros and cons.
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