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Live Q&A with Travis Collins - Software-Defined Radio: Principles and Applications

Travis Collins - Watch Now - Duration: 28:17

Live Q&A with Travis Collins for his talk titled "Software-Defined Radio: Principles and Applications"
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Score: 0 | 1 year ago | 1 reply

The "Low IF" digital radio architectures do not suffer from IQ imbalance and DC offset issues. Those issues apply only to "Zero IF" architectures.

Score: 0 | 1 year ago | no reply

Zero IF is the AD9361/AD9364 architecture that's why there was a discussion about this.

16:32:46	 From  mnapier : I don't see how to raise my hand, looking....
16:33:10	 From  Michael Kirkhart : Nice to hear you talk again - I attended the GNU Radio conference about 2 weeks ago (on-line).
16:51:44	 From  Fred Harris : I have some papers on I-Q imbalance and DC cancelers as well as image reject canceling algorithms...
16:52:07	 From  Marcin Puchlik : Mr F. Harris, I would be interested
16:53:49	 From  Fred Harris : drop me an email  fjharris@ucsd.edu will send them to you...
16:54:22	 From  Marcin Puchlik : Sure! Thank you so much, I am sending a mail asap :)
16:54:40	 From  Fred Harris : we all the imbalnces and toleranc effects of I-Q analog processing  "Dirty RF"
16:54:55	 From  Fred Harris : spelling...
16:56:21	 From  Fred Harris : We call the imbalances and tolerances effects of I-Q analog processing ( including Image folding), "Dirty RF"
16:57:14	 From  Michael Kirkhart : I believe you are referring to the 5G FR2 bands.
16:58:01	 From  Michael Kirkhart : https://www.electronics-notes.com/articles/connectivity/5g-mobile-wireless-cellular/frequency-bands-channels-fr1-fr2.php