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Live Q&A with Frantz Bouchereau - Data-Centric AI for Signal Processing Applications

Frantz Bouchereau- Watch Now - Duration: 28:05

Live Q&A session with Frantz Bouchereau for the talk titled Data-Centric AI for Signal Processing Applications
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16:36:53	 From  Yan : A related question, how do you train the model with an StFT layer in the middle? How do the error back propagation through it?
16:38:59	 From  Yan : Already answered it. Thanks
16:41:16	 From  Yan : Can Matlab trained model be deployed using e.g Tensorflow lite on MCUs?
16:44:06	 From  Michael Kirkhart : Or possibly TinyML?
16:59:40	 From  rakhel : Thanks !