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Live Q&A Discussion - DSP in Phased Array 3D Imaging

Chris Bore- Watch Now - Duration: 35:19

13:04:53 From Michael Kirkhart : nanovna 13:05:12 From Leonard Dieguez : those are fairly low cost but also do not cover the frequency range 13:05:17 From Leonard Dieguez : the nano VNA 13:05:27 From Michael Kirkhart : The version 2 goes to 3 GHz. 13:05:39 From Michael Kirkhart : Not quite to 8 GHz, but getting closer. 13:05:54 From Leonard Dieguez : cool that is a good improvement. I would love to have one that goes to 8GHz 13:06:40 From Leonard Dieguez : do you know of a good link to get the version 2 , 3GHz version? 13:06:50 From shadasharif : Thank you
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