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The DSP Online Conference is a unique platform for anyone passionate about Digital Signal Processing. Unlike traditional DSP conferences, where most talks are highly specialized and tailored to researchers, our conference welcomes a broader audience, including graduate students, practicing engineers, and DSP enthusiasts.

The 2024 edition of the DSP Online Conference will take place from October 29 to 31. If selected as a speaker, you can choose to either submit a recording of your presentation a few days before the conference or present live during a Zoom session at the event. Additionally, all approved speakers will receive free access to the entire conference (including access to past-conference sessions) for one full year.

We invite you to share your knowledge, showcase your expertise, and contribute to the advancement of the DSP field.

Topics of Interest:

For this year's edition of the DSP Online Conference, we are organizing sessions around four main tracks:

1. DSP for Communications

  • Wireless Communication Systems
  • Signal Processing for 5G/6G
  • Modulation and Coding Techniques
  • MIMO and Beamforming
  • Channel Estimation and Equalization
  • Software-Defined Radio
  • Network Signal Processing

2. Audio DSP

  • Audio Signal Processing Techniques
  • Speech Processing and Recognition
  • Audio Coding and Compression
  • Acoustic Signal Processing
  • Sound Synthesis and Effects
  • Hearing Aids and Assistive Listening Devices
  • Music Information Retrieval

3. DSP & Deep/Machine Learning

  • Preparing Data for Machine Learning Algorithms (Feature Extraction, Preprocessing, Signal Reconstruction, etc)
  • Machine Learning Applied to Enhance Tradional DSP Tasks (Noise Reduction, Speech Recognition, Predictive Maintenance, Image and Video Processing, Adaptive Filtering)

4. General DSP Theory/Concepts

  • Fundamental DSP Concepts and Techniques
  • Time-Frequency Analysis
  • Digital Filter Design and Implementation
  • Machine Learning for DSP
  • Real-Time DSP Systems
  • Adaptive Signal Processing
  • Emerging Trends and Innovations in DSP

We encourage speakers to submit presentations that are accessible, engaging, and informative, tailored to both novice and experienced attendees. If your topic doesn't fit neatly into these categories but is still relevant to the field of DSP, please feel free to submit your proposal as well.

Please fill out the following form before July 31, 2024 and let us know a little bit about yourself and the topic you'd like to present.

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